21 April 2019 - BKO at the JK Easter Festival

The various JK events over the long Easter weekend took place in our region with many club members competing but also helping with the organisation in many different ways. Except for the results system (which failed to provide the expected service from the contractors and is still only giving provisional results), there has been much praise for the region’s staging of the JK this year.

Top result for the club came from Martin Wilson (M70) who gained 3rd place in the Sprint event at Aldershot on Good Friday and took first place in the ‘Middle’ race on Saturday at Windmill Hill. There was also a strong performance from Christine Artus in W65 in the Sprint event where she finished 8th. Our juniors also gained good positions in this tough event with many international competitors participating.

With the events being local, there was a good turnout from members in the Relays at Minley on Easter Monday. Top results were achieved by the 3-man ‘Comrades’ team with a terrific 5th place on Men’s Short. The ‘Contenders’ achieved 16th in a large M165+ class, helped by a great first leg from Mark Saunders, 3rd fastest. The picture shows many of the club members who formed our 7 relay teams. Well done everyone!