4 December 2017: Great Club Performance in the 2017 National UK League

Club members will have read in the latest Newsletter that the club was ranked as 64th out of 81 in CompassSport’s Club Ranking. However there is better news! The national 2017 UK Orienteering League uses results from a designated list of top events throughout the year. All competitors in these events get ‘League’ points and a club’s total is based on the sum of the top 15 club members. The last event of the 2017 League was the November Classic and so final results are now available. And BKO has achieved 25th place out of the 121 clubs listed. A good result and significantly better than last year’s position of 42nd. Our top three competitors were Martin Wilson (M70), Mark Saunders (M35) and Ian Cooper (M70). Martin’s individual results placed him in 15th position nationally – a great personal achievement.