8 January 2020 - January Newsletter on its way to members

The first Berkshire Orienteers Newsletter of 2020 is on its way to members – either printed copies by post or, for those opting for the pdf version, by email.  And it is simply packed with news of club members including international selection, championship medallists, British School championship winning team, club champions 2019 and the top performers in the national ranking list.  There is also news of various club activities including an update on the Southern Championship 2020, use of a new tent as a base for juniors, opportunities to compete for BKO in the next few months, notice of the AGM and a summary of the recent club committee meeting.

 And that’s not all! There is the usual listing of forthcoming events with, in this issue, both a look ahead to the spring and summer events and information on the various British Championships taking place close by in the next 3 months.   There is so much news and information that, having completed the issue, the Editor suddenly realised that it might be the first issue for several years with no orienteering map extracts! There are plenty of pictures though.

 Sorry, non-members will have to wait 2 months before the issue will be on the club website but previous issues can be seen using the tab for 'Newsletters'.