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5 August 2017: BKO@Scottish 6 Days - Day 6

So the Scottish 6 Days is over for 2017. By all the reports so far, it was a great event with good organisation and challenging courses over varied Scottish terrain. No major successes to report for the BKO contingent but lots of experience gained. No photos of any BKO members available for Day 6 so, for a change, part of the map instead showing the first few controls on one course. In two years time the event will based be in Strathearn, to the north of Loch Lomond.

4 August 2017: BKO@Scottish 6 Days - Day 5

Day 5 at the Scottish 6 Day event - and the main photographer only got one partial shot of a BKO member. This is Cliff Thorne (on the left) completing his M60S course by getting across a low wall. Once again the best BKO result of the day was from Martin Wilson who achieved 4th place (again) in M70L. Good luck to you all on the final day tomorrow! [Photo by Wendy Carlyle]

3 August 2017: BKO@Scottish 6 Days - Day 4

After Wednesday's rest day, Day 4 of the Scottish 6 Days event saw competitors move further up Deeside to an area near Braemar. Early starts were lucky with dry weather but showers set in later. Unfortunately BKO members had later start times today. Our photo shows BKO's Stefan Stasiuk completing his M65L course. Best result of the day for BKO was from Martin Wilson (M70L) who finished 4th in his age group. [Photo by Wendy Carlyle]

1 August 2017: BKO@Scottish 6 Days - Day 3

Day 3 in Scotland saw the competitors tackling 'middle' courses which are shorter but which have a higher density of control sites. Faster times are possible but these events require constant concentration as mistakes can be costly in time. The BKO competitor spotted at today's event is Annika Greenwood seen here completing her W45L course. Special mention of, and congratulations to, BKO's James Wilkinson who had a six second lead over the second placed competitor on his M21S course.

31 July 2017: BKO@Scottish 6 Days - Day 2

Day 2 at the Royal Deeside 2017 6-Day event. Here we see one of the club's juniors (wearing his regional squad O-top) coming in to complete his course. The organisers had built a neat bridge to cross the wall near the finish with steps up and down. But why use the steps when it is quicker to jump! Looks like he has enjoyed his course even if he was out in a rain shower. [Photo by Wendy Carlyle]

30 July 2017: BKO@Scottish 6 Days - Day 1

Several Berkshire Orienteer members have made the journey north to attend this year's Scottish 6 Days event being held this year in Royal Deeside. The weather today was good and the photo shows Annika Greenwood, Derick Mercer and Fiona Clough enjoying the atmosphere at todays' event. Good luck to your all!

17 April 2017: BKO at the JK Festival Weekend

The 'JK Festival of Orienteering' takes place every Easter (this year is the 50th) and it started on Good Friday with a 'Sprint' event around the Brunel University campus at Uxbridge.....

9 April 2017: BKO's SCOA Championship Medalists

Today’s event organised by Thames Valley OC in the Chilterns around the village of Hambleden was their annual ‘Chiltern Challenge’.  This year it was being used to identify the 2017 South Central regional champions ....

12 March 2017: CompassSport Cup Heat - Cold Ash

Thank you for coming.  For results, go to: CompassSport Cup Results.  For Routegadget, go to: CSC Cold Ash Routegadget.  A selection of photographs is also available.  These were taken close to the finish during the event (between about 12.00 - 13.20).  See the Flickr album:

10 March 2017: CompassSport Cup Heat

Each year there is an inter-club competition known as the CompassSport Cup (named after the orienteering magazine with that name). There are regional heats in the early spring and a national final in the autumn. This year Berkshire Orienteers is staging the regional heat for clubs in this area ....