Concorde Chase (Star Posts) 28-Jan-18

Concorde Chase (Star Posts) 28-Jan-18 - Final Details


Please note - parking for this event is very limited - please share lifts if possible.


From the M3: the assembly will be signed from the A322 at the junction with the B3430 (this is the Coral Reef Junction) - continue along the A322 and turn left at the next sliproad onto Ringmead, passing Sainsburys. Follow the orienteering signs to assembly. 

From the M4: follow the A329 through Bracknell until it turns into the A322 (essentially follow the signs towards the M3).  After leaving the M4 you will cross a total of 5 roundabouts then go up a short hill with a BP station on the left - there will be signs here, take the left sliproad after the BP station with a view to turning right across this junction towards Sainsburys.  Then follow the orienteering signs into Ringmead.

Assembly will be on Birch Hill Recreation Ground, Ringmead, Bracknell (nearest postcode is RG12 7AQ GR SU875664 - google maps shows 'The Fit Box') and we are using the Hockey Club Car Park next to the recreation ground.  Once this car park is full you will be directed towards two other car parks both linked and a short walk away (the furthest parking is 800m away from assembly).

Under no circumstances park in the Lookout Car Park.  Land access permission has been granted conditional on us NOT parking competitors in the Lookout Car Park.  

SCOA Champs:

This event is also the SCOA Championships 2018.  To be eligible for the SCOA Champs, the competitor must:

  • be a BOF member with SCOA as their nominated Association (as shown on their membership card).
  • enter the class for their age, or to 'run up'.(Note that, as per BOF rule 8.3, women are permitted to be competitive in men's classes but men are not permitted to compete in women's classes.)
  • pre-enter by the published closing date of 24/01/2018.

Medals will be awarded to the first three eligible in each age class.  The prize giving will take place at assembly at 1.30pm or as soon as practicable after that.


The following facilities are available in the Assembly area:

First Aid by HART FIRST RESPONSE, (Registered Charity 1092333). We aim to help save lives by providing ambulance and first aid cover at local events, and by teaching first aid skills within the community.


Continental Catering (Tom and Julie)




Opens at 0930.

Competitors who have pre-entered and have their own Emit e-card can go straight to the Start.

Start times are between 1030 and 1300. Course closes at 1430.

Individual start times will be published on Fabian 4 and displayed at the Start and Registration.

Entry on

the day

Entry on the day (EOD) is open 0930 to 1230.

Courses may be entered on the day subject to map availability. EOD is £16.50 for adults if BOF members otherwise £18.50 and £5.00 for juniors if BOF members, £7.00 for non BOF members.  EMIT hire is an additional £1.50 for adults, free for children.

Update: please note reduced entry fee for Adults on novice courses (White/Yellow/Orange) £7.

For pairs and Groups one entry fee is charged  - Additional maps  £1

All Entries on the day will be given a form with your entry details – hand this in at the start.

String Course

A free string course will be provided in Star Posts, a short distance (5 mins walk) from the pedestrian crossing on the way to the start. String Course start times from 1000 to 1230. 

Emit Card

Issue and


Competitors hiring Emit cards should collect them from the EMIT tent before going to the start. Hired Emit cards will be collected back in at download. A charge of £45 will be made for lost cards.

The EMIT tent for both EMIT card issue and also Download will be located at Assembly.  Please ensure you return to Assembly and download after your run.

NOTE Regarding use of EMIT:

It is the competitor’s responsibility to check that their EMIT card has been registered, including on the back-up card, at each control and the Finish. Reinstatement for missing electronic punches will only be made on visible evidence of the correct pin punch on the back-up card. Hire cards will include back-up card on collection. Spare back-up cards will be available at Registration.


Start times are 1030 - 1300.

The Start is 1.5km, 25m climb away from Assembly.  Following the signs/tape to the pedestrian crossing and then take the track into the forest. The route to the start will be taped and will take you past the string course. 

There will be a clothing dump 200m from the Start and a short distance from the finish (you will pass it on the way back to Assembly).  It is in sight of the finish but will not be supervised - anything left there is at your own risk.

Start times will be available on Fabian4.  It is a punching start but if you miss your time and are on one of the busier courses you might have a wait for a gap. 

All starters should ensure they register their cards in the pre-start so that we know who has started.  This is an important safety measure particularly for those who have pre-entered.

Competitors running the White and Yellow courses will be able to view their courses prior to entering the start boxes.

Loose control descriptions will be available in the start lanes, white and yellow courses use text descriptions and all others use IOF descriptions.

****Please note - for those running the BLACK COURSE the control descriptions will be at least 20cm long****

No. Open classes Men's classes Women's classes Controls Distance Climb
1 Black M21    35 11.2km  290m
2 Brown M35 M40    26  8.8km 240m 
3 Short Brown M18 M20 M45 M50 W21  22  7.6km 220m 
4 Blue M16 M55 M60 W35 W40  20  6.6km 190m 
5 Short Blue M65 W18 W20 W45 W50  15  5.7km 115m 
6 Green M70 W16 W55 W60  14  4.5km 140m 
7 Short Green M75 M80 M85 M90 W65 W70  12  3.8km 110m 
8 Very Short Green   W75 W80 W85 W90  10  3.1km 80m 
9 Light Green M14 W14  11 3.3km   70m
10 Orange M12 W12  11  3.0km 50m 
11 Yellow M10 W10  11  2.3km 30m 
12 White      13  1.9km 30m 

All courses subject to final controlling

Course Close

Courses closes at 1430


There is one finish for all courses and there will be an additional post-finish safety control.  It is 1.4km walk back to the assembly area.


 This is to prevent unnecessary search parties being sent into the forest

 There will be water/squash at assembly


Scale 1:10,000, 5m contours, resurveyed and updated to ISOM 2017 by Katy Stubbs. Courses and control descriptions will be over printed on waterproof paper


Star Posts is a large forested area with excellent contour detail. The forest is generally fast with high visibility except where the bracken remains thick. As winter progresses these areas of bracken die back and the speed of the forest improves.  The forest is broken up with an extensive network of paths and rides, however the courses have been planned to avoid the paths as much as possible.  It is a working forest with many new areas of felling, some of the recently felled areas have been replanted and are out of bounds. The forest has a number of mountain bike tracks which are out of bounds except for crossing which should be done with care. Competitors should be aware that there are minor paths not mapped in the area in some cases these have been caused by mountain bike activity.

Bio Security

Please come to the event with clean and dry shoes and clothing. After your run please follow the guidance that helps protect our precious environment:

·         Check

·         Clean

·         Dry

Before leaving the event check your clothing and equipment and remove any mud, soil or leaf litter.

Once home thoroughly clean your footwear and clothing and then leave it to dry for as long as possible. Many invasive non-native species are able to survive in damp corners for very long periods of time, but are less able to survive if the equipment is thoroughly dried.


The club has designated photographer(s) and details are available from registration. Photographs from the event may be used by the club and made available on the internet in accordance with British Orienteering guidelines. Please speak to a club official at registration if you have any concerns



- Please take care when crossing and walking along Forest roads.

- There is public access to Star Posts, please respect the rights of others, particularly the horse riders.

- Please report to download even if retiring as this will ensure we can check you have returned safely. Competitors travelling alone are encouraged to leave a set of keys at registration.

- Competitors are advised to carry whistles.

- Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.


- First Aid by Hart First Response in Assembly field


-Accident and Emergency unit :

Frimley Park Hospital

Portsmouth Road


Camberley GU16 7UJ


01276 604 604


Planner: Stefan Staziuk

Organiser: Fiona Clough 07719 590542


Controller: Terry Smith  (SOC)


  • Competitors take part at their own risk
  • The personal data you give will be used by the event organisers only for the purpose of processing/publishing entries and results and as required by our insurers. Entry details will be stored in a computer. Submissions of an entry for the event will indicate your acceptance of this procedure.
  • In the event of cancellation of the event, part, or all of your entry fee may be retained.
  • The club has designated photographer(s) and details are available from registration. Photographs from the event may be used by the club and made available on the internet. Please speak to a club official at registration if you have any concerns.

Thanks go to Allan Moffat from Bracknell Town Council,

Gareth Griffiths and the Forest Rangers at Crown Estates and Dave from the Lookout.