Level C Urban Event (Great Hollands) 17-Jun-18

Level C Urban Event (Great Hollands) 17-Jun-18 - Final Details

Sunday 17th June 2018

Great Hollands, Bracknell

SEOUL League Event

Final Details

 BKO thanks you for attending this event. 

Results at a per-course level are now available on link

The decision on adjustments due to lost/stolen control (190) and not functioning correctly control (159), was taken by me as Organiser. If you have any questions or concerns, please address them to me. 

Other than the issues with a small number of controls, we hope you enjoyed the event, including the lovely setting as well as the challenging courses. 

Hoping to see you all again soon

Eoin on behalf of BKO Events

Updated : 18/June 2018

Venue and Travel:

Event HQ : West side of car-park of South Hill Park, Ringmead, Bracknell RG12 7NF.

By Car : from roundabout at the junction of A3095 and Great Hollands Road, follow Hanworth road, then immediately turn right into Ringmead (note : traffic-calmed, 20mph), event HQ will be on your right after about a half-mile. Both event car-parks are accessed via Ringmead (map attached). 

Parking : Use public car-parking (free), either at Leppington (150 m walk to Assembly) or Bracknell Hockey Club (750 m). NB we have been asked NOT to park at South Hill Park to minimise impact to ongoing activities at the Arts Centre and park. Also Bracknell Council rep strongly advises against parking in residents streets. Please see attached map for recommended parking locations -- note the file is in small type at the top of this Final Details page. 

Public transport : from Bracknell Bus Station (adjacent to train station), take 171, 172 or 4 bus, alight at Birch Hill stop, near to large Sainsbury's. From there it is a level 6-700 m walk to Assembly. Even on a Sunday there are 3 -4 buses per hour and the total journey time should be about 20 minutes. 


Toilets - please use the public WC adjacent South side of car-park, or use the facilities in South Hill Park arts centre. Use the arts centre discreetly, being mindful of other (non-orienteering) users. 

First Aid by HART FIRST RESPONSE (www.hartfirstresponse.org.uk).

If needed, the nearest A&E is 

Frimley Park Hospital
Portsmouth Road
GU16 7UJ


Recreation : the beautiful grounds of South Hill Park (including children's play area) and the facilities of the Arts Centre are available for non-orienteering members of your party to relax while you run. 


Refreshments : please consider visiting the bar/cafe at South Hill Park Arts Centre : link. Note that as the event is on Father's Day, they will likely be rather busy from lunchtime onwards. Do book in advance if needed. 


Competitors who have pre-entered and have their own Emit e-card may proceed straight to the Start. Competitors who have pre-entered and are hiring an EMIT card must collect their card from Registration first. 

Competitors entering on the day should proceed to Assembly, our Welcome Team will help you choose the best course from those available. There is a simple entry form to complete, and payment can be made with cash only. You will be given an EMIT card (dibber, small device containing a chip to record your time at each control). Once registration is complete, please proceed to the Start for your couse.  

Starts are between 10:30 and 12:30, call-up at -4 minutes. We are not issuing specific start times.

Prices for EOD & EMIT hire

EOD entry on Senior Course is £11.00 for adults who are BOF members, otherwise £13, and £4/5.00 for Juniors. For the Adult Novice section, the charge is £4:00 for BOF members, otherwise £5. 

For pairs and Groups one entry fee is charged, the lowest fee applicable. Additional maps  £1. 

Competitors hiring Emit cards on the day must collect them from Registration  before going to the start. Hired Emit cards will be collected at download.

The hire fee for EMIT cards is £1:50. NB : a charge of £45 will be made for lost cards.


Courses 6 & 7 use the Near Start in the grounds of South Hill Park, less than 100 m from Assembly. 

Courses 1 - 5 use the Far Start. The route to the Far Start is signposted from Assembly.  There is a  walk of  1 km  to the start  allow  15 minutes. The route is along footpaths - there are 2 busy road crossings, using a marked but unmarshalled crossing point - please be careful. 

There is NO clothing dump at Start, there will be unsupervised space at Assembly for those wishing to leave change of clothing and similar items.  

The Start is a punching start.

Loose description sheets will be available in the start lanes for courses 1 - 5.

For Course 7 only, competitors may look at their map in the start lanes.

Road Crossings

Courses 1-5: Part 1 in Great Hollands ends at a marked mandatory underpass. Competitors then turn over their map to view the Birch Hill section. A new start triangle is shown on the map at that underpass. A control kite is hung at the exit from the underpass showing the new start position for Part 2.

Course 6 (M/W16- & Adult Novices): There is one 200m section on grass alongside a high fence which is fairly close to a through road. Runners must keep close to the fence at all times. Tapes between some lamp posts provide a safe corridor route by the fence: use this inside route only.

Course 7 (M/W12-): Parents: please ensure they understand the symbol and use of mandatory underpasses.

Safety on the course

The combined area of Birch Hill and Great Hollands is home to many people, and routes
go through public spaces which are very close to houses.

Please be careful and polite: give way to pedestrians, take care turning corners, punch and move away quietly and quickly from controls.

Some front gardens are open, without walls or hedges, mapped as dark olive symbol. These areas are OOB and not to be crossed.

Cul-de-sacs can be very full of parked cars: some controls may be slightly obscured by parked cars, take care not to scratch cars in passing.

Please report to download even if retiring as this will ensure we can check you have returned safely.

Competitors travelling alone are encouraged to leave a set of keys at registration. 

Safety bearings: should you need to ‘escape the estates’ at any time, if in Great Hollands head SE to one of the underpasses into Birch Hill. Once in Birch Hill use the back map of Birch Hill to head E to South Hill Park and the Assembly area.


There is one finish for all courses, which is located <50M from Assembly.

ALL competitors must report to the DOWNLOAD tent even if they retire.

Courses Close

Controls in Great Hollands will be gradually withdrawn from 1400, all courses closes at 1430


Course Mens Classes Womens Classes Tech'l Diff'ty No of Controls Course Length (km) Climb (m) Actual Distance (km) Start Map size
1 Men Open   3 31 8.4 50 11.4 Far 2-sided A3
2 Men Vets Women Open 3 28 7.1 45 9.5 Far 2-sided A3
3 Men SVets Women Vets 3 22 5.7 35 7.7 Far 2-sided A3
4 Men UVets Women SVets 3 18 4.4 25 5.7 Far 2-sided A3
5 Men HVets Women UVets Women HVets 3 16 3.5 20 4.6 Far 2-sided A3
6 Junior Men16- Novice Adults Junior Women16- Novice Adults 3 19 3.6 40 5.7 Near Single A3
7 Young Junior Men12- Young Junior Women 12- 2 14 2.2 25 4.0 Near Single A3



The terrain is complex high-density housing, a huge honeycomb of linked houses, canopies, paths and alleyways providing great variety of route choices, which require very careful route execution at speed. Courses are around 30% longer than red-line distances. About 90% of course lengths are on paved surfaces, suitable for flat shoes. Climb is modest on all courses.

The event uses two adjoining areas: Great Hollands and Birch Hill. Courses 1-5 use the Far Start in Great Hollands, then cross into Birch Hill, and finish in Birch Hill. They use a 2-sided A3 map, first side is Great Hollands, other side is Birch Hill.

Courses 6 & 7 start and finish in the grounds of South Hill Park, and use a single-sided A3 map of Birch Hill only. They avoid any significant road crossings, and use two underpasses. These courses use the Near Start, located within South Hill Park.


Scale 1:4,000, 2.5m contours, minor updates 2018.

Courses and control descriptions will be over printed on waterproof paper

Special map symbols:  Black ‘X’ is a seat or play equipment. The same symbol on control descriptions is always a seat.

Map legends: None on the maps, paper copies of map legends are available at Enquiries.

Control descriptions:


  • ‘path’ or ‘wall’  usually have the control hung on a lamp post at the centre of the circle.
  • ‘fence’ can be high wooden lattice fencing that provides the boundary between sets of houses. These fences are marked on the map only as thin boundary lines edging areas of olive green (OOB). The control will be at the centre of the circle beside the fencing


Organiser: Eoin Sharkey

Planner: Martin Wilson

Contact : events@bko.org.uk or Facebook event page

Controller: Kieran Devine (SOC)


  • Competitors take part at their own risk
  • The personal data you give will be used by the event organisers only for the purpose of processing/publishing entries and results and as required by our insurers. Entry details will be stored in a computer. Submissions of an entry for the event will indicate your acceptance of this procedure.
  • In the event of cancellation of the event, part, or all of your entry fee may be retained.
  • The club has designated photographer(s) and details are available from registration. Photographs from the event may be used by the club and made available on the internet. Please speak to a club official at registration if you have any concerns.