Joining the Club

Berkshire Orienteers (BKO) welcomes new members of whatever standard, from complete beginners and juniors to experienced orienteers who have moved locally from another area. To learn more about orienteering, see what is Orienteering?

All BKO members are also members of British Orienteering (BO), the organisation that governs the sport in this country and to which BKO is affiliated.

Membership Classes

BKO has two classes of membership:

  • National (the majority of members)
  • BKO Local (for BOF members through another club who wish to receive BKO information)

New members joining after 1st November will have membership to the end of the following year for the rates current at the time of joining, i.e. up to 2 months free.


Fees for 2022 are shown below:

  Senior Junior
British Orienteering Fee £15 £5
Berkshire Orienteers Fee £7 £1
Total Payable £22 £6

Membership fees are paid via BO, who remits a portion of the fee to BKO. Joining BO can be done on-line at:

If you wish to join as a BKO local member please contact the Membership Secretary (see below).

Membership Benefits. BKO members receive the following benefits:

  • The BKO newsletter 
  • Participation in club training and social events
  • Exemption from the non-member surcharge at BKO District events
  • Discounted runs at BKO events where they help
  • Membership of the South Central Orienteering Association (SCOA)
  • Insurance cover (liability to 3rd parties) for events registered with BO
  • Eligibility to compete in British Championships, JK, National, Regional and District events in all regions
  • Exemption from the non-member surcharge (£2 from 1st January 2007) at all events
  • Discounts for sponsor-supported deals
  • A vote at the BO AGM


Refer to for further details of BO membership benefits.

Berkshire Orienteers is a Clubmark club and we have committed ourselves to maintain standards for both volunteers and parents of junior members, as well as more general policies. Please see the Clubmark page for more details.

If you have any questions about joining BKO, please contact the Membership secretary:

Ian Hudson -