Permanent and Virtual Orienteering Courses




Berkshire orienteers have a number of virtual and permanent orienteering courses that can be accessed at anytime. 

They are a great way to improve your navigation skills, experience orienteering without needing to attend an event or to simply make a walk more interesting.


Traditional Permanent orienteering courses use permanent control markers on posts providing a number of courses of differing difficulty.

A leaflet giving summary details of courses in Berkshire is available for download by clicking here  and further details can be found here.


Virtual orienteering courses use GPS technology to register control sites which need not be marked on the ground. They require a smartphone to download courses and either a smartphone or GPS enabled watch to register controls.  Virtual orienteering is used for scheduled training events but the courses can be left and are available for individual training after the session has ended.


Berkshire orienteers use the phone app maprun which is available on both Android play store and the Apple App  Store. This can also integrate with Apple or Garmin watches.   The club has some of its own courses and works with British Orienteering Find Your Way.  



  Details of  virtual orienteering courses in Berkshire can be found here


Permanent and virtual courses can be found throughout the UK and British Orienteering has a good resource on how find and use permanent and virtual orienteering courses here.