Level C Urban Event (Birch Hill) 27-Jan-24

Level C Urban Event (Birch Hill) 27-Jan-24 - Results



Provisional full results for the event here. 

Routegadget for this event is available here.

BOF results and ranking points. 

UK Urban League (UKUL) results  and link to South of England League .

A set of photographs taken at the event by David Jukes are now available on Flickr - see the BKO Urban Event album.



Planners Comments


It's been a while since I planned anything bigger than a club training evening but 7 courses on an area that I thought I knew well should have been relatively easily.
Birch Hill is a great urban area, technical and not repetitive,  But it is a bit small.
Previous events have travelled over into the adjoining Great Hollands map, but that adds some long boring runs.  I added the new strip southeast of the park, which gave some tricky return loops, but the longest courses still had back to back maps and even a butterfly loop on the longest one.  All the feedback I heard was positive.
The recent change in the Rules about urban event course lengths has effectively shortened courses.  The distance is now quoted as along the optimum route as opposed to the straight line, but the recommended distances remain the same.
I realise that urban races are not an IOF discipline at Elite level and are therefore not considered as significant as other events but I still think the recommended distances need looking at.  I know the decision has been made not to change the table in Appendix B at this point but perhaps it should be.
Katy Stubbs, BKO