Southern Championships (Star Posts) 26-Jan-14

Southern Championships (Star Posts) 26-Jan-14 - Results

Missing Control !

Control 144 was discovered to be missing and was not replaced until 10.28am.  This control featured early in the competition for 5 of the event’s courses which had in total 198 competitors between them.

Analysis of the split times for the M45L class indicates that Alan Velecky (SO) lost sufficient time at the missing control to cost him the title of Southern Champion. Under such circumstances the Rules of British Orienteering indicate that the M45L race should be declared void (removing leg times is not an option for Level A events). However, in view of the fact that so few competitors were affected, and to avoid the adverse impact on other competitors in the age class, Alan has agreed to withdraw his protest so that the results may stand, on the condition that his own time is declared non-competitive

In summary, the final results as published below, will stand.

Fiona Clough - Organiser Southern Championships


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Several Sets of photographs were taken during the day (thanks to those who provided photos). These can be viewed using the links below.

David Jukes: Click here to see photos

Wendy Carlyle (Wendles): Click here to see photos

Ian Buxton: Click here to see photos

Lost Property

A number of things were found on the day - could anyone wishing to claim them email the orgniser at

  • A control Description holder
  • A thumb compass
  • Green/White golf umbrella

Planner’s Comments

The opportunity of an Assembly area in the southern part of Star Posts gave the chance to enhance the quality for a Championship. From the South Start, the early technical contours on Surrey Hill gave a wake-up call before some long, raking legs north-west and north-east towards the Lookout. Once across the major N-S ride, the emphasis changed. Subtle route-finding round the large marsh, or strong running from the NE corners, led to the final section of thickets, ditches and light green. With short legs, changes of direction, awkward running lines, plenty of people around, it was easy to lose focus as tiredness set in, and once dislocated, very difficult to relocate. “I was doing all right till the thickets...” was a common refrain at the Finish. Unfortunately, the incessant wet weather over the past month made that section much tougher physically than intended.

The new bike trails were added to the map quite late. Changes were made to keep the North Start courses away from the trails, and to avoid people crossing then re-crossing, but it would ruin the long SE-NW legs to change them. There is little opportunity for longer legs in Star Posts, so this line was kept intact. I despaired when I saw the ‘demented’ twisting bike trail going right through these legs, but they made direct bearing running possible but quite difficult, adding to the challenge. At this level, it was the Senior competitor’s notified duty to keep clear of the trails, not for the Planner always to guide them clear. We were very concerned with the fast downhill trail section on Surrey Hill, but safety briefings for runners and warning notices for bike riders thankfully helped to keep the two groups apart.

On the Junior courses, I felt Yellow and Light Green were a strong challenge at their TD. The many dogleg routes that occur with Yellow courses meant the distance over the ground was significantly longer than the red line route. I felt I had to go with the guideline length though. Light Green went all the way to the eastern thicket section, using controls near the edges of the area, but still a tough challenge over the wet ground. The leading finishers in these classes should feel proud of their achievements. 

Courses were designed to 2013 Rules, which group classes together on courses in awkward combinations. The older class in a pairing (45-50/55-60) had a tough race. Estimated Winning Times (EWT) were set in the middle of BOF recommendations. I thought with the wet weather that times would be longer, but winning times in all M40-70 classes were close to or within EWT (though the more mature Women’s classes, paired with these classes, had to endure some tough running  -please blame that on BOF, not your Planner!). If we had a frosty cold December, times would have been even faster. M/W21E times were top end of EWT, which was acceptable, and the leading W21Es finished very close together.

Overall, people seem to have enjoyed their courses, and found them tough and challenging, which is what we hoped. It was a shame the day was so wet. Thank you all for coming in large numbers to enjoy a great forest together. Thanks also to Katy for her excellent new map, and Peter for his guiding hand throughout. I greatly enjoyed the challenge of setting 19 courses, including Elites. My fondest memory is test running controls 17 to 27 on the Men’s Elite, and in 45 minutes of superb running using only 100m of track. Nice work if you can get it!

Missing Control

Control 144 was reported missing shortly after first starters went out at 10.00. It was replaced by 10.28. The Surrey Hill area has few walkers, mainly bikers who have other things on their mind. Control 144 was in a very quiet spot high on the hill, not visible from below. There was a control on a path about 150m away, which could perhaps be considered a more risky site, but this was not affected before or during the competition. 

Martin Wilson – Planner, SC2014.