Compass Sport Cup (Rushall Woods) 13-Mar-22

Compass Sport Cup (Rushall Woods) 13-Mar-22 - Final Details

Compass Sport Cup Heat - SCOA region


On Sunday 13th March 2022 Berkshire Orienteers will be hosting the Compass Sport Cup/Trophy Heat for the SCOA region.  This will be held at Rushall Woods, near Burnt Hill in West Berkshire.


This heat is for members of the following clubs:

Compass Sport Cup: Southern Navigators and Thames Valley Orienteers 

Compass Sport Trophy: Basingstoke Andover District Orienteers, North Wiltshire, SARUM, Southampton Orienteers and Berkshire Orienteers


This event is PRE-ENTRY ONLY and should have been entered via your own club captain. There is no entry on the day.    


Final Details - v4 updated 12th March 2022 

Increase in distance from Assembly to Start - see paragraph on Starts. Change to parking field.


Note: M4 is closed westbound between J6 (Slough) and J8/9 (Maidenhead) between 12th and 14th March 

Please note - there will be no caterers at this event - remember to bring refreshments!

Berkshire Orienteers welcome you to the event!


Parking and Assembly for this event is in a field to the West of the area, accessed from Burnt Hill Road.  This is just North of Stanford Dingley and South of Burnt Hill (and only metres South of the bridge under the M4).  

Postcode RG7 6DX

what3words: clotting.tipping.entrusted

GR SU568734

The approach from the South (via Bradfield) is narrow single track road for a considerable way so we recommend you approach the parking field from the North via Yattenden or Ashampstead Common.

Travelling to this event by public transport on a Sunday will be difficult. The nearest main railway station is Newbury.  This is on the main line between London - Paddington, Reading and Bristol.  It is then just under 10 miles from Newbury Railway station to the event.

Please do not arrive before 0930.

Note: The M4 will be closed Westbound between J6 (Slough/Windsor) and J8/9 (Maidenhead) so allow extra time if you are coming from the East and plan to use the M4.



The following facilities are available in the Assembly field:

First Aid by 'The Response Group'


As there is no Burger van coming to the event, please bring your own refreshments.

Enquiries/EMIT collection & return

Enquiries will be open between 0930 and 1215 for the collection of hired EMIT cards.  EMIT cards should be collected before going to the start.  Hired EMIT cards will be collected at download after your run.  A charge of £50 will be made for lost cards.

NOTE Regarding use of EMIT:

It is the competitor’s responsibility to check that their EMIT card has been registered, including on the back-up card, at each control and the Finish. Reinstatement for missing electronic punches will only be made on visible evidence of the correct pin punch on the back-up card. Hire cards will include back-up card on collection. Spare back-up cards will be available at Registration and at the Start.

Competitors who have pre-entered and have their own Emit e-card may go straight to the Start.

If you have a medical condition and would like to leave details of that condition and contact details please follow this link and bring a completed copy in a sealed envelope.  Leave this with enquiries and either collect it afterwards or it will be shredded.


There is no Entry on the Day.  Entry for this event is only by pre-entry through your club captain.  


Start times are between 1030 and 1230.  Individual start times will be confirmed through your club captain and a list will also be available at both Enquiries and at the Start.

CSC rules require 4 minutes between the start times of the same club members on the same courses.

PLEASE NOTE: Start times for CSC courses will be strictly adhered to.  Some of the courses are nearly full.  Any competitors arriving late may have to wait until after 1215 to be slotted in.

There are two starts - the Main Start is for all Compass Sport Cup/Trophy courses AND the Light Green.

Yellow and White courses start from a different point. 

A secondary start and finish for the White/Yellow courses was felt necessary due to the unsuitability of the area around the main start.  There will be a taped route to and from the White/Yellow start & finish.  Competitors on courses 9A/B and 10 may pass near to the second start/finish but will not need to avoid the area.

Both starts will be sign posted from the Assembly/Parking field.  The Main start is 60m uphill from Assembly.  White/Yellow start is 600m uphills from Assembly and will be clearly taped.

*Please note* - the parking field has been changed at short notice - we are now parking in the field next to the one with the motocross track.  Distance to the start from the Assembly/Parking field is now further.  Competitors need to walk around the edge of the motocross field (past the goats and emu pens) to the gate into the forest.  

Add 10 minutes to the walk to the start.

Toilets remain in the motocross field.

IMPORTANT: Anyone wishing to shadow or accompany a competitor to/from the start/finish of the White or Yellow courses should complete their own course before doing so to remain competitive.

White and Yellow Course

Taped sections appear on both the White and Yellow courses.  These is also a small section on the Yellow course with Smiley Faces to assist on an indistinct path.  It may be beneficial to advise competitors of this beforehand. 

You will have been allocated a start time by your Club Captain when you entered, any doubt contact your club captain.  There will be an alphabetical list of start times at Assembly.

Road Crossings

Courses 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8a,8b and 11 all have a road crossing. This is generally a very quiet minor road. Courses have been designed to use Mandatory Crossing Points. Marshalls will be present to assist any Juniors crossing and warn of oncoming traffic. Not timed out.

 Course No.


BOF Age class




Brown Men Open 9.1km 235m  27
2 Short Brown  M20- M40+ 8.1km  190m 20
3 Blue - Women Women Open 7.1km 160m 19
4 Blue - Men


7.0km  155m 20
5 Green Women W20- W45+  4.5km  115m 19
Green Men M60+ 4.5km  95m 16

Vet Short Green

M70+ w60+  3.4km  85m 13


Junior Men (Green)

Men 18-





Junior Women (Short Green) 

Women 18- 





Orange Men

Men 14- 





Orange Women 

Women 14- 





Super Vets Short Green 

M80+ W70+ 





Light Green

















Course Close

Courses closes at 1430 and controls will be collected in from this time.  If you have not finished by this time please return to assembly and do not forget to download.


There are two Finishes - one for the White and Yellow courses located close to the White/Yellow Start (600m downhill return to Assembly on the same route used to the start) and the Main finish for CSC courses is 150m from Assembly.

ALL competitors must report to the DOWNLOAD tent even if they retire.  



Scale 1:10,000, 5m contours, updated 2022 by Alan Kersley.  Courses and control descriptions will be over printed on waterproof paper. 

The last time this area was used was in May 2019 and you can use the following link to view the map and courses for that event:


The entire area is dominated by South facing slopes with plenty of coutours and valleys to contend with.  It is a mixed working forest, so expect plenty of evidence regarding forestry maintenance as well as seasonal game and deer stalking activities.  There is a widespread network of tracks and rides to aid navigation.

Scratchface Lane is crossed on the longer courses and must be crossed at designated points.  To aid juniors crossing, these points are manned on their courses.  These crossing points are NOT timed out. 

The recent storms have caused some large trees to fall, particularly conifers, however fortunately the damage overall is minimal and negotiable.  There are some patches of the forest that have significant numbers of small branches on the forest floor.  Care should be taken if you encounter these areas. There are also small pockets of windblow which have been mapped with either dark green or purple OOB overprint.

OOB areas are mapped and should not be entered.


Whilst restrictions have now been lifted, Covid is still very much in circulation and we encourage a continued responsible approach at this orienteering event.  Individuals have different risk tolerances and we ask that you respect others' personal choices particularly in maintaining social distances/mask wearing.

Please do not attend this event if you or a member of your household has Covid-19 symptoms, if you have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace or you are required to quarantine having been out of the country.

Please make yourself aware of and abide by the British Orienteering Covid-19 Participant Code of Conduct

Bio Security

Please come to the event with clean and dry shoes and clothing. After your run please follow the guidance that helps protect our precious environment:

·         Check

·         Clean

·         Dry

Before leaving the event check your clothing and equipment and remove any mud, soil or leaf litter.

Once home thoroughly clean your footwear and clothing and then leave it to dry for as long as possible. Many invasive non-native species are able to survive in damp corners for very long periods of time, but are less able to survive if the equipment is thoroughly dried.


The club has designated photographer(s) and details are available from registration. Photographs from the event may be used by the club and made available on the internet in accordance with British Orienteering guidelines. Please speak to a club official at registration if you have any concerns



- Please take care when crossing and walking along Forest roads.

- There is public access to Rushall Woods, please respect the rights of others, particularly the horse riders.

- Please report to download even if retiring as this will ensure we can check you have returned safely. Competitors travelling alone are encouraged to leave a set of keys at registration.

- Competitors are advised to carry whistles.

- Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.


- First Aid by The Response Group in Assembly field

-Accident and Emergency unit :

Royal Berkshire
NHS Foundation Trust
Centre Block
Craven Road

0118 322 7020


Planner: Stefan Stasiuk and Jim Munday (BKO)

Organiser: Fiona Clough (BKO) 07719 590542


Controller: David Frampton (HH)

Jury: Katy Stubbs (BKO), Craig Blackford (BADO) and Mark Thompson (TVOC)


  • Competitors take part at their own risk
  • The personal data you give will be used by the event organisers only for the purpose of processing/publishing entries and results and as required by our insurers. Entry details will be stored in a computer. Submissions of an entry for the event will indicate your acceptance of this procedure.
  • In the event of cancellation of the event, part, or all of your entry fee may be retained.
  • The club has designated photographer(s) and details are available from registration. Photographs from the event may be used by the club and made available on the internet. Please speak to a club official at registration if you have any concerns.